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Fall Football Cheerleading September- October 2020 June 30, 2020 Sept 1, 2020

WYB Cheer Update 8/26/20

We will be moving forward with a Fall Football Cheerleading season! If you have already registered under the interest only registration your balance will be updated this week to reflect the charges for participation in the upcoming season. If you have signed up but are no longer interested in participating you may cancel your registration or it will be cancelled for you on or before September 1, 2020. If you have not yet registered you may still do so until the September 1, 2020 deadline. There will be a few new pieces of information added to the registration that require acknowledgement prior to submitting the registration.

This year our squads will be smaller than before in order to follow protocols and procedures that would allow for the possibility of a full season. This means that we will have the need for more volunteer parents to step forward as coaches or there might not be a squad for every child wanting to participate. We will give you the help needed to coach if you are interested.

A few things to note that will look different this season:

-All participants must arrive and leave with a mask on and maintain 6ft social distancing at all times. They will have marked practice and game spots.

-All participants must have water in order to participate.

-All spectators will have to provide their own chairs or seating at games and follow the 6 ft social distancing from other spectators not in their same household.

-All spectators must remain masked at all times and only members from the same household in attendance.

-At practices parents must be masked and will be able to drop off and watch from parked cars at practice site.

-No water or bathrooms will be available at either practices or games.

-If you, the participant or a household member are not feeling well we ask that you stay home.

-Every participant will be asked the Covid-19 checklist of symptoms at every practice and game, if any are observed or recorded they will not be able to participate until symptom free.

-There will be no physical contact ie. no handshakes, no high fives, no hugs, no shared items.

- All coaches and game officials will be masked per the state, local, OHSAA, WCS, and WYB organization.


We need total cooperation in following these protocols so that our children can have a chance at a full season during this time regardless of personal beliefs.

WYB Fall Cheerleading 2020 September 2-October 25

Please read through as things are different this year:

WYB Fall Cheerleading is open to boys and girls entering 1st - 7th grade for the upcoming 2020-2021 school year. We will be practicing one day a week at Granby Elementary 1490 Hard Road. Possible practices will be for 1st- 4th grade from 6-7pm and 5th-7th grade will practice from 6-7:30pm on Wednesdays. Our games will occur on Sundays between approximately 9am-4pm (pending football final schedule which will be available in September), please let us know if you have any time constraints and we will do our best to place your child on a squad that will not be cheering during that time of day. Each squad will only cheer one game during this window of time that will last approximately 1 hour,or until the end of the football game. Cheerleaders are expected to cheer the entire game.


Practices will be outdoors and begin on September 2 at Granby Elementary School with a back up location as Hard Road Park. Parents and cheerleaders should arrive no earlier than 10 minutes to the start of practice to sign in and do a COVID-19 symptoms check, if any symptoms are noted before or during practice the participant will be asked to leave and only return after 48 hours symptom free or a negative COVID-19 test. If you or your child are feeling ill please stay home. This year each squad will have a designated meeting spot directly in front of some parking spaces where parents are expected to park and sign their cheerleader in then return to their cars and may stay and watch the practice from there or return at the end of practice to pick up. The playgrounds and other areas are not available for parents or siblings to play or watch from this year. Every cheerleader,parent, coach and individual must wear a mask. Cheerleaders must wear a mask when arriving and leaving. Only during the designated practice times can the cheerleader remove their mask as they will be in active participating. Cheerleaders will maintain 6ft social distancing at all times and will be assigned set spots for both practices and games. Their bags and water bottles will be placed at their spots. No items will be able to be shared including but not limited to: water bottles opened or unopened, pom poms, masks, clothing, uniforms, and any other personal items. In addition this season we will be unable to have physical contact ie. high fives, handshakes, etc. Once practice ends all participants and parents must exit the practice location immediately. Sufficient water must be provided at each practice and game, we reserve the right to turn away an athlete who does not have enough water to make it through the practice or game as we will have no water available and sharing is not permitted. there are no restroom or port-a-potty available this year either, please plan accordingly. We will practice every week on Wednesdays from September 1-October 21 weather permitting. Please check your email, our Facebook cheer page, and the WYB Cheer website for any cancellations or changes.


Games will be on Sundays beginning on September 20- October 25 with the no additional Superbowl Game this year. Games will be approximately 1 hour or longer if the game is still in play and will occur between 9am-4pm per the football schedule. If you have any time conflicts or constraints with the morning or afternoon times on Sundays please let us know in the registration section and we will do our best to accommodate as many participants and families as possible. We will try our best to keep the same times for each group consistent throughout the season but cannot guarantee as we function in alignment with the football teams and schedules. All spectators must wear a mask at all times and households must maintain 6ft social distancing from each other. Bleachers, community water, concessions, and bathrooms are unavailable for use this year therefore spectators must provide their own chairs or blankets. We also ask that spectators be limited to the participants household. If any or part of this is violated you and the participants may be asked to leave the site and program. We are all doing our best to create as safe of an environment for everyone regardless of personal feelings or beliefs. If there becomes a problem our program and season could be shut down. 


We will be using the same uniforms as Football 2019 and Basketball 2019-20 seasons. Below is a brief description of each of the uniform packages, individual uniform pieces are also available through the registration. We will not be holding a formal try on this year due to COVID-19 limitations, however if you need specific help please reach out to the cheer director with specific questions. One recommendation is that when looking at the sizing chart remember that the measurements are meant to be that exact measurement which in many ways would be tight if you are measuring to fit. Most sized up in the past year to avoid a too tightly fitted uniform and room to grow through out the season and fit layers underneath.

Uniform options will include the complete uniform(with shell, skirt, briefs, socks, shoes, bow and poms), basic uniform package(shell, skirt, and bow), essentials package(shell, skirt, bow, socks, and briefs), or no uniform package(this option is for those participants that already have the current uniform from the 2019 fall football season or 2019-20 winter basketball season) in addition to the cost of registration in order to simplify the process for ordering. Please review the sizing charts for each item and select the size that would best fit your child. Only the complete uniform option comes with pom poms all other options require you to select "yes" when asked if you need to purchase pom poms. 

This year your cheerleader will receive a mask and t-shirt with WYB Cheer on it as part of their registration please reference the sizing chart. Additional t-shirts and masks are available to purchase, for the cheerleader or family, at the time of registration as well as the backpack and bag tag from last year. 

If you have a discount code from a cancelled session please contact the cheer director prior to payment.


We need coaches and parent volunteers to make this season happen! Since squad size is limited this year and participants will be placed on a squad on a first paid registration priority we will need more parent coaches to step forward so every child can be placed on a squad or we risk limiting participation. Also there is a need for additional volunteers to help coordinate the gameday spectators in order to follow the policies and procedures in place. Please consider volunteering on the final registration page.

Cheer Loud Worthington!

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