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WYB Cheerleading Covid-19 Restart Plan & Protocols 

1. Team Equipment: 

a. Coach equipment to be sanitized by director then distributed to coaches for the 


i. Sanitize with hard surface disinfectant: cones/spot markers and hula hoops and speakers 

ii. Sanitation supplies and masks (coaches may also use their own) 

b. Sanitation: 

i. Bottles of hand sanitizer. Coaches to encourage sanitizing before practice, 

during water breaks, and at the end of practice. 

ii. Hard surface disinfectant. All equipment planned to be used during practice must be 

disinfected before and after by coach. 

2. Participant equipment: 

a. Participants will label their own personal equipment (pom poms) and use only their designated equipment. All participants will be encouraged to bring minimal items to the field. 

b. Participants will be assigned a place in cheer lines to keep their equipment, water and bag and must maintain a set distance from other cheerleaders and their equipment. Younger athletes may leave their equipment and bag at a designated spot on the sidelines. 

c. Participants must come prepared with their own water bottle(s) to sustain them for the entire 

event. No use of communal water sources. If participant arrives without water they may be sent home.

3. Field usage: 

a. All requirements of the field permits, including social distancing, will be clearly communicated to participants and strictly enforced. Director, coach or official may warn individuals in the event of non-compliance. Further non-compliance may result in the individual being asked to leave. 

b. TWHS ticket entrance will serve as entrance and the field house for an exit as a guide for participants and spectators. In addition the coaches will have predetermined meeting spots that are clear of main foot traffic.

c. Required signage will be present. 

d. Bathroom facilities and bleachers will remain closed. 

e. At least 15 minutes between field usage. 

f. Anyone arriving prior to designated start time should remain in the vehicle until the other group 

has vacated the area. 

4. Practices: 

a. Participants and coaches must conduct daily symptom assessments. Anyone experiencing symptoms must stay home. 

b. All equipment planned to be used will be disinfected before and after by coach.

c. Six-feet social distance must be maintained between individuals. Parents are asked to remain in cars during practice and observe from there.

d. Players, coaches, and officials are not to physically contact each other before or after  practice (i.e. greetings, team huddles, high-fives, congregating, etc.). 

e. No congregating before or after practices or games is permitted. 

f. Whenever possible, use small groups that remain together through practice. Squads to be about 10 cheerleaders plus a coach.

g. Coaches to encourage hand sanitizing during water breaks, and at the end of 


h. Players will be required to wear face coverings upon arrival and departure and during team 

meetings, not when engaged in cheerleading activities. 

i. Coaches will wear face-coverings during team meetings and when within 12 feet of cheerleaders. 

j. If a participant gets injured, the head coach should be the only to assess the participant initially. 

A family member of the injured player may also be asked then to come and assess. If medical assistance is needed and a first responder is present, they may be admitted to assist with the incident as needed. Proper PPE and sanitation should be completed after the injury is cleared.

5. Spectators: 

a. Spectators must conduct daily symptom assessments. Anyone experiencing symptoms must stay home. 

b. Six-feet social distancing must be maintained between individuals. 

c. No congregating before or after practices or games is permitted. 

d. Participants are encouraged to limit the number of spectators at games. For practices parents are being asked to remain in their cars that will be within viewing sight of their cheerleader’s group.

e. Spectators are encouraged to bring their own chair or blanket - bleachers will remain closed. 

f. Spectators are responsible for picking up their area and disposing of any trash. 

g. Spectators are not permitted in the team area or on the field. 

h. Spectators must wear face coverings at all times except when facial coverings are not advisable 

for health reasons or there is a functional (practical) reason to not to wear a facial covering. 

7. Training & Communication: 

a. Director to provide detailed in-person training to ALL COACHES. 

i. Review of protocols 

ii. Sanitizing instructions 

iii. Mask requirements 

iv. Guidance on how to: 

1. design practice plans 

2. Limit shared resources 

3. maintain the 6ft. Social distancing as much as possible 

4. use small groups in practices 

b. All participants and their families will be provided with detailed information on COVID 

requirements in downloadable and printable format: 

i. WYB Cheerleading plan and requirements (a condensed version of this document) 

ii. Field Permit protocols, if applicable 

iii. Self-assessment sheets and instructions for handling 

iv. WYB covid letter 

v. CDC sanitation instructions & self care guidelines 

8. Health Checks and Confirmed Cases 

a. Players/Coaches all must sign in prior to beginning of activities 

i. Each member must identify that they are symptom-free and have been for at least 48 

hours prior to the event 

ii. Home temperature checks are encouraged 

b. If any team member exhibits COVID symptoms: 

i. Must be immediately removed and parents/guardians notified. 

ii. Notify the cheerleading director immediately. 

iii. Immediately isolate and seek medical care. 

iv. Contact the local health department about suspected cases or exposure. 

v. Individuals are not permitted to return for a minimum of 14 days and must have a physician’s note.